Interesting Facts About the Zac Brown Band


Everyone has a band or two that they genuinely adore, and they just love listening to their songs. People listen to their favorite band’s music when they feel happy, sad, and sometimes when they are excited. A lot of bands have become popular in the music industry; some are still in the group together while others have gone their separate ways and became a solo artist. Zac Brown Band is one of the great American bands in the music industry.

If you truly love the Zac Brown Band, you should probably know these facts about them:

1. Zac Brown Band is an American band situated in Atlanta, Georgia. They write and release country/rock songs. The group consists of 8 members, and they are:

    • Zachary Alexander “Zac” Brown (lead vocals, guitar)
    • Jimmy De Martini (fiddle, vocals)
    • John Driskell Hopkins (bass guitar, guitar, baritone guitar, banjo, ukulele, upright bass, vocals)
    • Coy Bowles (guitar, keyboards)
    • Chris Fryar (drums)
    • Clay Cook (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, steel guitar, vocals)
    • Matt Mangano (bass guitar)
    • Daniel de Los Reyes (percussion).

2. The previous members are Markus Petruska, Tim Ussery, and Joel Williams.

3. “Chicken Fried” is one of the band’s greatest hits, and did you know that it was released twice? The song is first published in the year 2003 and rereleased in 2008. The song failed to reach its popularity when it was released for the first time, which is why they recorded it once again and released it years after that.

4. The band has been nominated for the Grammy Awards nine times, and they have three awards from that nominations. And these are 2010’s Best New Artist Award, 2011’s Best Country Collaborations with Vocals Award, and last but not least, 2013’s Best Country Album Award.

5. The band’s most famous hit is called “Free,” and the inspiration for this song is reportedly the beautiful view of nature from the summit of Mt. Warning, the first spot that the sun touches at the beginning of the day as it rises above the Australian Mainland. The band decided to climb Mt. Warning during their trip Byron Bay, and it was there that they composed the hit song in the year 2006.

6. The members of the band have been supporting a charity called Little Kids Rock, by donating things available for auction to fund-raise for the association. It is a national nonprofit charity that is focusing on reestablishing and rejuvenating music training programs in impeded U.S. government-funded schools.

Kayaking and Its Many Uses and Benefits


You must have put aside a portion of your budget to buy your tickets. But to be sure that you will be able to attend the concert, you must cancel all appointments and make sure no important event falls on that date. But those are not the only things you have to check. You have to safeguard your health so you will not be in a sickbed when the time of the concert arrives.

One way of getting fit is to go on kayaking. When you go on kayaking, you will not only be realizing your health goals, but you can be able to shoot not only two birds at the same time, but several of them simultaneously. Here are some of the many uses and benefits that you can derive from kayaking.

Health Benefits

fitness activityKayaking is an activity that can impact all the aspects of our being. It can help us improve our physical fitness by increasing muscle strength and endurance, which is good for our cardiovascular health as well. It also promotes balance. Kayaking is said to be an effective way of relaxing the mind. For people who are faced with stress from work, finances, and relationships, cruising on a kayak can surely help you sort things out.

Occupational Purposes

Kayaks are originally used as fishing vessels by Eskimos but have since lost some of this use with the advent of more efficient fishing boats. Kayaks are now only used for fishing for family consumption than for trade.

As a Form of Recreation

Fishing using kayaks is now used primarily for entertainment purposes. Kayak clubs can be found in some seashore communities, which stage fishing competitions among members. The one who is able to catch the biggest fish is declared the winner.

As a Sporting Activity

Kayaking is an official Olympic discipline with Hungary as the most successful kayak team in the world. You can start training and gain some skills before you can avail of professional skills if you see kayaking as a sport.


In Support of Ecotourism

Kayaking is now being promoted as an ecotourism activity in some areas. It is an effective way of showcasing the marine life of one location while enjoying the scenes of beaches, islands, and the coastline. Other activities that can also be enjoyed while kayaking are diving and snorkeling.…