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Competition rules
The winner of the competition will be the user who have supported most successful games, while having the highest social reach.

Every third month the top competitors will be looked through by the staff, to ensure that the prize goes to the right winner.

Competition F.A.Q
Are the competition rules the same every month?

The rules might change, please read the competition rules above, they will always be up to date.

Who manages the competitions?

The Epocu staff manages the competition every month, to make sure that nobody cheats and the right person wins!

How do I enter the competition?

You’re automatically entered in the competition, once you support a game with a social media of choice! We’ll keep track of the rest.

Do you check if the winner have bought followers, on social networks?

Yes. We will always look through the winner’s profile, to make sure that there’s nothing shady going on.

When does the competition end?

The competitions end the 1st of every third month.

I suspect a competitor might be cheating, what do I do?

Please contact us by email.

Good luck & have fun.
May the best game prophet win!